Wladimir Klitschko stopped Uhub. Now we fight back!

Hi – this is the first post on the blog of uhub.io. The post appears with a small delay. Because we were held up abroad last week. But read for yourself…

Welcome to the uhub blog. Beautiful you are here!

We are back again after the famous ex-boxer Wladimir Klitschko stopped us in Portugal. But now we fight back: with creativity and verve.

Because we are full of inspiration back from Lisbon. Back from the Websummit, the best technology conference of our planet (at least that’s what Forbes writes).

Invited for the Alpha Channel

By invitation of the organizers we were part of the Alpha Channel for early start-ups – and therefore had our own booth. A great platform for uhub.io! With an audience of over 70 000 people, including many business angels, founders and CEOs – even Vladimir Klitschko and Tony Blair were there; and Edward Snowden joined in virtually.

We were inspired for four days. We presented our software and made contacts, practiced sales pitches, received tips and exchanged news about the industry.

Meanwhile, the work remained a bit idle. But now we are sitting (Oli and Thorsten) or standing (Jöggu and Toby) again at our desks in Neuengasse in Bern. We are working hard for our software and for you.

Test the new beta version now for free

Yes exactly, for you: You can test the beta version of the new uhub. The strategy section will be activated free of charge on Friday, 15.11.2019. With so much good news, even Vladimir Klitschko loses his mouthguard.

Oh yes: With this link you can register as a beta customer.

Do you have any questions? Then please contact us here: